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Playthings episode review

Fridays have never tasted better, it’s coffee and a new rocking Supernatural for breakfast as well as the über delicious cobnut yoghurt whose cover I always lack the grace to tear off in one piece, and I adore everything abou it. o.O

Everyone hopefully agrees with me that it was nice to have Sam and Dean work some kind of an good old supernatural ‘case’ again for a change. It was the second time however, they took up on themes of hoodoo (Crossroad Blues) and binding spells (Faith) on the show. Not complaining though since it was nicely done and balanced between darker themes and humor.

Admittedly, I like it dark, angsty, tempting and daring but I love it when they manage to throw in a hint of sarcasm especially when they poke fun at the fandom at the same time. It’s moments like these I want to go into the writer’s room and wrap those magnificent bastards into fannish hugs and supply them with home-made extra cookies. But, apparently someone is feeding them the good stuff already.


  1. the structure: a well proportioned part was dedicated to introduce us to the guest characters and weird going-on’s without giving too much away, so the ending still held quite a surprise, at least for me.

  2. hotel staff wanting to put Sam and Dean in a king-sized bed. Again. ♥

  3. Dean’s uncomfortable, self-incredulous face when the extend of Susan’s remark of ‘you look the type’ hits him. It amuses the hell out of me.

  4. Sherwin and his lovable manner and how he dragged Dean’s duffle to the first floor hitting it on every step on the way and nothing but expecting a tip for it.

  5. Sherwin calling Dean ‘boy’ *goes up in flames of spontaneous combustion*

  6. Dean’s adorable critic eye on the décor, his WTF face when sinking into the mattress and how he prolongs the utterance of the article in ‘what the [hell]’ when spotting that dress on the wall. It’s going to go in a sound file on my mp3-player so I can entertain my fellow men with my most beautiful and seductive smile while listening to it in an infinite loop.

  7. the fact that the writing crew takes huge fancy to The Shining. There’s this vibe of it throughout the whole episode: it’s a hotel, there’s a kid ghost involved and this room with the bar where Dean takes a drink and it’s just him and the bartender. In fact, I was searching the walls for some weird photographs, you know?

  8. their cover story for getting themselves into Susan’s apartment and how Dean is enjoying elaborating Sam’s big time love for dressing up his dolls in those cute little outfits and Sam looks like he wished the ground would just open up and swallow him up entirely.

  9. the actress who played Margaret, she absolutely nailed her part.

  10. sly-dog!Sammy outflanking his brother to make teh promise of doom in getting totally wasted

  11. the brotherly love of that particular scene and how they’re both scared shitless about whatever plans the demon has and how in a way Sammy’s loosing it and Dean’s doing his best to hold it together for the both of them before they break into thousands of pieces that can’t be glued back into a working shell

  12. the toy house being more than just a replica of the hotel but how it’s a real-time mirror of what evil lies within

  13. Sam in the freaking pool, all sinuous and floating hair. *big puddle of love*

  14. the slow motion shot of Sam coming out of the water with Tyler in his arms, or the ‘revival of the DitW shot’ as legoline well-foundedly phrased it. Personally, I prefer the scene from this episode though, just because the angle it’s shot from is adding so much to it and how the girl is spread out all over, arms and hair surfing in the waves

  15. How subtly Dean is trying to fix his brother in letting him save the day and how ‘I didn’t want you to feel useless’ means you are and did good and I love you at the same time in Winchesterish.

  16. the camera pan at the end where we’re cruising the hall into a room where Margaret and Rose are jumping the rope, reunited in a different world seemingly happy. It’s so bittersweet it gave me chills.

And last but not least, the apparent foreshadowing with respect to the whole Rose-Margaret story. Granted, we do not know the circumstances under which Maggy drowned, whether it was an accident or if, unintentionally or not (maybe Maggy was evil), her sister played a part in it. It is also left unclear how to interpret the whole ‘Rose-keeping-Maggy-away-for-so-long’ remark. What I presume is that Rose bound her sister’s spirit to her because she couldn’t just let her go, whether that is due to reasons of love, to ensure keeping an eye on her, or both we don’t know. Now we know spirits tend to get bored easily and with time and other family to take up time of Rose’s schedule, Maggy might went a little dark side. Whatever the reasons, Rose gave up her life in the end for her family and, in a way, for her sister too.
The whole thing leaves behind this bittersweet taste on my tongue and I get the sinking feeling it might be a hind to how things will end for the Winchester brothers. I’m not sure if I am liking how they tease and prepare us or if I should pop in some Metallica into the cd-player and go angsting about what lies ahead. Have I mentioned lately that I love where they’re taking the show?


  1. Sam’s indestructible cast of doom, braving all elements, even self-drying, won’t need replacement after extended swimming sessions. Well, they really must have had a great breakthrough since I last wore a cast when the doctor still threatened me a painful recasting with a pink material should I dare to let it get in contact with anything liquid.

  2. everyone watching Tyler just lie there, lungs full of water and not breathing. Hello? First aide? Checking for pulse and breathing and either starting to breathe for her or the whole ugly cpr but do something o.O

  3. the Ava part at the beginning of the episode felt slightly off to me, almost like they didn’t know how to include that in Hunted without destroying the nice ending. The fact that they did pick up on it again tells me it indeed will be important later on, but it felt a little misplaced with regard to the rest of the episode

Altogether a nice package and worth multiple replayings :)

Eh, this sorta ended up being far longer than I’d intended it to be *blinks* Consider a kit of that indestructible cast material saved up for you, if you read the whole thing ^.^

Hope everyone enjoyed this episode as well, your thoughts and comments are always appreciated *hugs*
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