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16 September 2012 @ 12:01 am
art for whitecollar_bb: "500 Miles"  
This is art for elledeegee's big bang, 500 Miles, for this year's round at whitecollar_bb. It's an intriguing take on Neal's past and how he came to New York City in the first place. You should all go over here and read it. :)


Nate drawing a portrait of Susan and his mom.

Nate reading his dad's case file.

Nate hopping the freight train.

Neal hitching a ride.

Mozzie and Neal toast to freedom and marks.




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  • episode stills & screencaps from White Collar and Traveler
  • newspaper clipping from 123rf.com
  • base for train from Paley
  • fonts: Cooper Std // Georgia // Vadim's Writing