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Recs and Readings

I love me google books *pets* It's easy and nifty, and even had the two main books for download that I need for my paper that's due by the end of March.

It was about time for some good news as well, after my department's library was closed for about a week and a half for revision and the main library's online search will hopefully be available again on Monday *shakes fist*

Not to mention that 99% of the books I need most likely won't be available because they're buried somewhere on other people's piles of readings or for other unknown reasons. Like this copy of that one article I ordered at the library - for real money - after the system had promised me I'd have them in three days time. You could imagine how thrilled I was to get a note that the copy's just arrived a mere 4 months later. Useless to say, I didn't need it anymore by then. Being a student is so much fun sometimes o.O

Anyway, since I'm done whining, I spent some time going over my SN fanfic recs today. I hadn't updated the list since January and thought I owed the thing some love. All recs to WiPs that haven't been updated over the past 5 months were removed as well as dead links (RIP), and wherever possible, I tried to hunt down links to LiveJournal.

26 Supernatural Fic Recs, mostly Gen (alphabetically ordered)

Aftermath by legoline
I didn’t feel like talking An amazing take on how John and Dean dealt with Mary's death.
Complete - R: PG - Gen/Angst - One-Shot - Words: 2460 - Published: 9-19-06

At Night by pixel_0
AU Vignette to Faith. There is no healer to cure Dean. As such, the brothers must grapple with their present together and possible future apart.
Complete - R: PG - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 2503 - Published: 1-18-06

Connected by purehalo
The red on his hands told of battles, of victories. Of Losses.
Complete - R: PG - General/Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1289 - Published: 6-7-06

Don't Fear by vichan
He turned around again, and his form began fading. Sam refused to blink until he couldn’t see his brother any longer. Dean keeps his promise and gives much more.
Complete - R: R - Supernatural - One-Shot - Words: 2257 - Published: 1-30-07

End of Messages by mellaithwen
Hunted missing scene. Original and effective look inside Dean's head while he's looking for Sam.
Complete - R - General/Angst - One-Shot - Words: 2043 - Published: 1-30-07

Evil As You Say by laytoncolt
You can only hold to your delusions for so long.
Complete - R - dark!fic - One-Shot - Words: 1051 - Published: 12-15-06

Fidelity by stillane
Sometimes it’s where you least expect it. Sometimes, it’s with you all along. Cheating death is an art sometimes.
Complete - R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 3615 - Published: 1-13-06

Illusions and Memories by ring34_ani
A lonely Sam thinks about his brother, Dean, who died a few years earlier. He gets slightly obsessed about seeing people who remind him of Dean.
WiP - R: R - Angst/(Sam/Dean) - Chapters: 2/? - Words: 4131 - Published: 1-3-07 - Updated: 1-20-07

O Holy Night by sunrize83
Sam knew the truth, and the burden of it was becoming more than he could bear. Dean wasn't the one who should have died.
Complete - R: PG - General/Angst - Chapters: 4/4 - Words: 9515 - Published: 12-27-06

Promises, Promises by Spooky-Girl
You can run on for a long time, sooner or later God'll cut you down... Raw and hearbreaking BUABS tag.
Complete - R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1718 - Published: 2-12-07

Redux by braveinnewworld
Dean has always tried to keep his promises to Sam – but this one is by far the hardest.
Complete - R: R - Dark!fic/Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1403 - Published: 1-21-07

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by McB
He's falling to pieces, and his brother just can't hold him together anymore. I really like Dean here and how nicely references to Caleb and pre-Stanford era are woven into the story.
Complete - PG - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 3271 - Published: 2-2-07

So Far From Home by glorfinniel
Sam's having trouble letting go after Jess.
Complete - R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1476 - Published: 3-4-07

The Fire In Which We Burn by conquest
The Winchesters' lives are shaped by fire.
Complete - R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1785 - Published: 2-13-07

The Yellow Crayon by ignipes
They keep telling him Mommy is in heaven. Realistically and heart-breaking picture of the Winchesters; of John and Dean in particular.
Complete - PG - General/Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1300 - Published: 2-2-07

Three Things Dean Left Behind by ow_bandaid
They are all gonna have a part to play.
Complete - R: R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 742 - Published: 11-23-06

Till I wake Your Ghost by caithream
Stanford era. Sam goes missing. Jess gets a hold of Dean, and finds out what the word 'hunting' truly means.
Complete - R - General - One-Shot - Words: 8098 - Published: 3-10-07

Trajectory by fiddleyoumust
Sam can tell that something is changing, coming, but he doesn't know what it is. He feels ripped out and raw, bleeding from a wound he can't find.
Complete - R: PG - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 813 - Published: 1-16-07

Troubles, My Old Friend by mellaithwen
Pretty soon, Dean’s gonna crack. 2x14 Born Under A Bad Sign tag.
Complete - R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1547 - Published: 2-9-07

Twelve Mintues by dotfic
Reflection of the 12 mintues time it takes Dean to get Sam to a hospital after a hunt gone down.
Complete - R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 1825 - Published: 3-4-07

Untitled by NC Girl
Lovely snippet out of their hunter-lives, loads of hurt and love and bantering.
Complete - PG - H/C - One-Shot - Words: 1291 - Published: 2-20-07

Unwell by Vermilion Angel
A very patient and awesome Dean takes care of a sick Sam.
Complete - PG - H/C - One-Shot - Words: 1543 - Published: 2-27-07

Wait Without Warmth by pixel_0
AU piece pulled from the episode "In My Time of Dying" in which, after talking to the reaper, Dean chooses to stay behind.
Complete - R: R - Angst/Mystery - One-shot - Words: 2338 - Published: 9-29-06

What You Keep Is What You Carry by ephemerall
He’d have noticed a long time ago if he bothered to really look that Sam’s given up a lot, too much, in his life for their family, and the truth is, Dean is just as selfish as Sam ever was. Missing Scene from Croatoan (Sam/Deanish)
Complete - R: R - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 244 - Published: 1-07-07

When Heroes Go Down (They Go Down Fast) by buffyaddict13
The war is at hand. It’s demon against man and we’re losing the fight. The special children are wreaking havoc across the land, side by side with demons. Dean is on a desperate hunt to find and save his brother while leading a small band of survivors to a final showdown.
It’s well written and nicely balances canon and horror elements and still gives just the right amount of attention to the characters.
WiP - R: R - Angst - Chapters: 2/? - Words: 16007 - Updated: 3-8-07 - Published: 3-4-07

Worldly Sounds of Endless Warring Were, For Just a Moment, Silent Stars by transposition73
Dean sits and stares at Sam for a long time after he passes out. A missing scene from "Playthings".
Complete - R: PG - Angst - One-Shot - Words: 777 - Published: 1-20-07

Last but not least, pimping the brand new snmissingscenes where one can find and post all kinds of fanfiction closely based on the actual TV episodes.

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