May 23rd, 2011

Sherlock the woman who beat you

Asylum Europe 2: Mark + Richard

Mark Sheppard and Richard Speight Jr. - they could go right into stand up comedy. They also kept running through the rows and would sit among the crowd and sneak up on people. It's basically impossible to get a clear shot of them, most of the times they're just a blur on the camera. Mostly, I just sat back and enjoyed their panels.

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Asylum Europe 2: Brock Kelly + Fred Lehne

It always amazes me what absolutely insanely amusing stories anecdotes Fred comes up with. He never gets old.
Brock was adorably fresh and a little nervous but he seemed to have enjoyed most of the whole convention experience and we all know it takes some time to get used to the ruckus. He's also brand new to twitter learning the ropes from Richard. You can read him @brockvkelly.

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