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no more sleepovers - an asylum '08 report

So, Asylum Convention report. There was this huge post full of details I had in mind but I keep coming up blank. So much for a short term memory *headdesk* Well, let’s just consider this the abbreviated version. Believe me, you don't want to know what the unabridged version looked like ^-^


  • Very outspoken, lively and naturally beautiful. She shook hands with everybody and asked their names during her photo studio. In general, she just really made you feel welcomed. Also, that voice ♥ I could listen to her talk all day. Wow.

  • Said she was supposed to be back mid-season three and in the season finale though neither happened. The former due to the writer’s strike and the latter due to other work commitments she had on the side. She hopes to be back for season four.

  • She and Chad brought two boys up on stage to ask their question in person. Chad and her were doating on the fact that the boys looked like young versions of Sam and Dean. And they did :D See for yourself.

    Sam started asking who their favorite characters are (as if she didn’t know already^^) and complimented them on their politically correct smart answer when saying both. Teehee. She said, “see you in 30 years, boys.”


  • Laid back, funny guy. I mean he tried on THREE different mullies wigs to get in Ash mode and do his head-throw thingy that came with the business up front, party in the back line.

  • He came onto stage and made us do a wave. Do you have waves here? ROFL

  • Again, I missed out most of his solo stage talk because I was hunting down autographs. Speaking of which, Chad was so awesome as to give everybody one additional autograph on a card promoting his My Big Break autobiographical movie. You better all go watch it. I know I will.

  • He rocked his cowboy boots. *nods*


  • Absolutely cute, stunningly beautiful, classy and with a great sense of humor. I’m not much of a Bela fan, but Lauren is just so likable and sweet. Total girl!crush here. When I came in for my photo op with her she just stood there with arms wide open and asked if I wanted to cuddle.

  • At the autograph table she took time to talk to everybody and say hi before she even got to the signing part. So we chatted briefly about the turn Bela’s storyline took in the last episode and I told her how much I liked that and wished they had brought up the deal she made earlier on in the show’s events. When I asked whether we’ll ever get to know if she managed to sneak out of the hellhound’s reach after all (I mean we know Bela is rather inventive), she said she has no clue what Kripke had in store but in between the lines it sounded like that’s the last we’ve seen of her character for a while. *sammypout*

  • legoline asked her to draw a stick figure of Bela which Lauren then equipped with a gun and bags of money. Haha.

  • Her favorite Supernatural episode is Skin which she watched by herself and got scared by.

  • Originally read for the role of Ruby. I seem to recall both she and Katie read for the other one’s role before switching and ending up being cast as Bela and Ruby respectively.

  • When asked about shooting the dream-sequence in which Sam kissed Bela, she talked about how Jared was so concerned about her and offering to send all crew out if that made her more comfortable though she said she was fine. Apparently it wasn’t her that freaked but big Jared. Awww.

  • Oh, and did I mention how lovable Lauren is? ;)


  • She’s as pretty as on screen if not even prettier, and maybe I was staring a bit. Hee.

  • During her and Lauren’s panel they teased each other constantly. They go shopping together as well as to yoga class.

  • We got some more info on the spilling-ketchup-all-over-herself story when filming The Kids Are Alright. Apparently, Jared was crushed she’d ever think he’d rigged her ketchup bottle. *wink wink*

  • When I got my autograph from her, Katie seemed a bit lost in the task of signing stuff. Could also be that she wasn’t allowed to give me any information about the season finale which I asked her about and hence tried to dodge the question but yeah, felt a bit awkward there for a second ;p

  • Jared loves to make fun of Katie’s long legs and he would walk around set imitating her swagger. She stood up and did an imitation of Jared imitating her which kinda looked like a drunk stork prancing around the stage. LOL She ended it with going into model posture stance because that’s what she apparently does when stopping at her marks when shooting.


  • Such a great, giving, kind guy. He willingly kept on signing stuff throughout his lunch break (food’s overrated anyway, right?). We patiently waited a good hour in his autograph line alone but it was certainly worth it. While waiting we saw him banter with fans, discuss Bobby and give hugs. He’s just this huge teddy bear.

  • During his first panel, he showed us his new t-shirt. I READ BOBBY/YOU. Haha! Apparently he has one in store for every convention.

  • When asked if Bobby’s hats were a character’s choice of his, he said that when he arrived on set, the costume came with a hat. In fact, the hat was the only thing they kept from the original Bobby outfit.

  • The only idea he ever suggested to the writers was that of Bobby falling for a woman that really wasn’t good for him and for the boys to be the only ones to see that, but said it would probably outstay his screen time ;)

  • His ideal partner is smart, inquisitive, sexy, energetic, sexy, funny. He said that there’s something sweetly sad about Bobby not having a partner on the show.

  • Told the story of Jared tickling his toes during one of his emotional scenes while shooting Dream a Little Dream of Me again. He said that once he’d realized what Jared’s intention was, nothing could have made him break, so he didn’t.

  • Someone asked if he could give any tips for aspiring writers seeing as he writes himself. He said the easiest part about writing is the ideas and the hardest the execution. You need to sit down at the desk and write every day whether you like it or not. Though he also admitted to not following his own advice himself but that that was the best tip he could give. ^-^

  • When asked where he learned German, he answered in German saying that he took classes in high school and college. His reason for doing so was that his great grand uncle was German and even though he spoke English too, Jim thought it would have been cool if he were the only one in the family who could talk to him.

  • Does Bobby miss Rumsfeld? Without a blink Jim answered that he ate his dog. In fact, he’s more of a cat person, really.

  • Did I mention how very awesome Jim is? After the closing ceremony, he hung around the lobby and photo desk area and talked even more to the fans and gave free hugs to whoever asked. ♥ ♥ So much love for him.

    AJ BUCKLEY & TRAVIS WESTER [yes, they totally go together under one section especially since I missed Travis’ solo panel ^^]

  • OTP! The end. :D No seriously, they totally pwned the event with their adorable quirky geekiness. There was banter, loads of it and fake slow motion walk and fighting and spastic movements and all. Hee.

  • If they were in Buffy they’d be BUFFY. Duh!

  • AJ thinks Cindy Crawford is very hot. AJ also likes his water sparkling.

  • Clowns and their balloons freak AJ out. Like a lot. :D

  • When asked about their most embarrassing moment in their career, Travis said that he overslept and was late for his first important role when he was 17. The poor guy was totally freaked out only to be told that he needn’t worry, they’d just shoot around him. *insert heartbroken Travis here*
    AJ said his most embarrassing moment was when he shot a scene with a cute girl and while talking to her he had to sneeze rather snottily and all over the place. If the way he illustrated this with his hands was any indication, it wasn’t pretty ;p

  • AJ passed Travis a glass of water who took it obviously touched by the gesture, took a sip and promptly spilled some water. *shakes head*

  • When I got my autograph from Travis, I told him how much a Ghostfacers spin-off would rock and he said he’d spoken to Kripke and there’s more webisodes in the works. And they’ll see how it goes and whether there’ll be more. YAY!!!

  • I’m kinda sad I didn’t get my AJ autograph (I decided for panels on Sunday, so it’s my own fault) as I heard Travis was sitting with AJ and they had sharpie war going on. Goofballs ♥


  • A real down-to-earth, eloquent, funny and sweet guy with a very infectious laugh. ♥

  • He has a real impressive, deep character insight when it comes to Gordon. He really knows him inside out, knows what drives him and answered every Gordon-related question very thoroughly.

  • He thinks one of the things that drives Gordon is his single focus on hunting. He said Dean and Gordon aren’t that different but because Dean has Sam he had other things to put his focus, energy and love into other than his work.

  • Graduated from Standford and wore a Stanford sweater. Was bored to tears by his economic studies and changed his major to drama in his second year at Stanford.

  • Acting is his controlled schizophrenia.

  • If he could change one thing about his career, he would put himself out there more even though he’s not much of a fun of the showbiz.

  • When asked what books he likes to read, he answered that he and his wife read all Harry Potter books and cried like babies. Other than that, they read loads of self-help books trying to be the best people they can be. Aww.

  • What was it like biting Jensen’s neck? Sterling delivers his answer in a fake fangirl voice saying it was everything he thought it would be, soft skin and all and adds a disbelieving laugh. Welcome to fangirlish worlds ;p

  • Was not pranked by neither Jared nor Jensen but said that Jared and Jensen love to find and pin old model pictures of the other at their trailer walls. Those shirt-off, embarrassing kind of model pictures from when they were teens and wore bangs. Sterling is glad he never had bangs. ^-^

  • Met his wife at Stanford. She joined him on stage some time during his panel and they bantered in a very likable way. Too cute.

Wow, cookies and skittles for those who made it through this.

Also, if you're looking for great pictures from the panels, check out cg_chevygirl's and justfreefallin's LJs who took loads of awesome shots.
Looking for vids? Check out _sin_attract's LJ for loads of goodies.

Season 3 finale tonight. Woohoo!
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