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30 April 2006 @ 12:02 am
Credit, where credit is due.


Layout template by milou_veronica.

Tiny icons by may icons and graphicsbyjulz.

Awesome White Collar Mood Theme by lollypopninja.

Image and screen caps sources usually credited in the respective posts.

Extras used making graphics from:

midnight_road: textures, textures, textures, textures
___hidethefact: textures
_ashenicons: water stains
77words: doodles
shoqolad: noise textures
amethystia100: tiny text #2 l tiny text #5
anglesey: illuminada textures
arisubox: text brushes
big_rock_show: big flowers
bittersweet_art: 001, 002, 003, 005
blimey_icons: textures l textures
chained_angel13: polaroid masks
chaoticgraphics: paper textures
colorfilter: set 10 l light set #6 l lights set #7 l lights set #8 l textures #09
daisukicons: small text l grunge brushes
damnicons: borders
dilkerhtahai: text brushes
discordandnight: night skies
distressedink: flower brushes
domeofstars: grungy textures
dusty_memories: grey textures
elliptica: gradients
erniemay: chinese textures
ewanism: newspaper clippings, textures, grey textures
extrextures: sets 4 + 5 l set #12 l set #13 l big textures
fadeastride: box brushes
ownthesunshine: earthy textures l funky lines l set 24 l textures #37 + brushes #42
framedinblood: splatters
dearest: 109 l 139 l 212 l 219 l 236 l 268 & 269 l 276 &278
gesiika: retired notebook textures
glass_prism: polaroid masks
graceful_aglaia: grainy textures
graphic_sl: light textures | vortex textures
graphicss: set #1
haudvafra: stardots, textures, polar text
haydens__hunnie: jammedtogether
ianthinae: color streaks
iconistas: abrasions
innocent_grafix: lightning
inxsomniax: textures
iiokua: tiny text
kattitude: textures
kekoah: textures
sir: hearts, grunge masks, lines
letsboogie_: earthy textures
lookslikerain: set 28, always
lovelamp: grainy textures, textures, textures, 006
meleada: vintage text l polaroid masks
missymw88icons: set 006
mokillosa: grainy textures
mutsie_brushes: brushes
peoplemachines: textures
petits_papiers: ground textures
pfefferminzchen: textures | old paper
photoshopranger: snow flakes
pildas: paint brush strokes
pixelated_art: scratches
radon_: tiny text
refuted: textures
risha_art: sratches
scarlett_o: masks
seriouslywir: textures, textures
sheepy_hollow: textures
so_out_of_ideas: electric shimmer & sparkle textures
staranis: set 002
neke: set #061112
teh_indy: tape & ripped paper
tihana: textures
toxic_overload: text brushes
microcake: scrappy rips
unmasked_icons: flowery boarders
vert_gazon: large b&w textures
wash_when_dirty: textures
wonderland__: 001 + 002
xshoot2thrill: rainbow textures

Outside LJ:

Colordrop: brushes
EXPOSED: textures & brushes
lunaestas: textures
Oxoniensis Art: textures
tre-xture: textures

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Current Music: Snow Patrol - Firelight