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Supernatural 4x09

Just so you know, there's plenty SQUEEAGE in here.

Dark and angsty, that's how I like you best, show. ♥

    Oh, I forgot, I'm wearing a pediatrician.

  • 600 possible seals, eh? I'd say they're pretty much screwed. So is Anna, by the way. Can't be easy being on the run from both Good and Evil. Being angel radio transmitter sure is a shitty job to have. Which makes me wonder if she's just special or if the demons gave her the abilities to use her as an informant, and if not, where do her powers come from and what do they mean? Why her? Why now?


  • Great performances by all actors. I thought Jensen and Jared really hit it off with that scene in the Impala at the beginning. All anger and frustration but with the snark and concern only brothers can share. Nice comebacks pointing out the other's own secrets. Neither one willing to spill his.

  • Round and round the Winchesters go. I'm so glad they went with actual flashbacks to fill us in on what Sam was up to while Dean was in the pit. Oh Sam. It hurt to see him so messed up both mentally and physically. Poor puppy was so broken and gutted. *hugs him tight*

  • That old abandoned house Sam was squatting in was so perfectly mirroring his life at that time. It was really gorgeous in its own desolate way what with the array, the coldness, the wooden planks on broken windows and the way the light shown through the cracks. I love it when they take their time for details like that.

  • How scary were the bleeding eyes of the madonna? *goosbumps*

  • Enter Alastair. One evil, cocky and powerful SOB with a soft spot for Dean. He clearly likes to play with his victims and enjoys to torture them in every way. Well, I'm sure Dean's got to settle a score with that one. Hope the revenge will be sweet. Go and get him!

  • Seems like Dean's slowly getting used to Sam using his psychic whatever. He didn't really make an effort to stop him from trying to pull Alastair. Maybe deep down he knows Sam is using his powers for the right reasons. That something bad can be used for something good, too. There's just so many shades of gray. And I love that no matter what disagreement there is between Sam and Dean, they're still brothers. Just look at the way Dean goes from shocked to furious and ballistic within a nanosecond after Alastair threw Sam across the room and down the stairs. His face had practically nobody messes with my brother written all over it. Protective!Dean is love. Period.

  • Speaking of Alastair, I know it's a common expression in English, and it's probably a case of overanalyzing, but I kinda like the ambiguity of the fact that he called Sam son. It's mocking Sam and degrading him but also sort of implying that he could be part of the demon flock. I like.

  • WINDOW JUMPING!!!!!!! I love it when they do their own stunts. Makes it possible to zoom in and show it in slow mo. Hee.

  • PATCHING THEMSELVES UP!!!! Hurt!boys. I approve.

  • I dig Ruby this episode. She's smart, sarcastic, knows her ways in the demon world. She also loves French Fries which makes her pretty okay in my book ;p
    Also, it's interesting to see her trying to fit into a world she isn't really part of anymore. It's somewhat tragic really, remembering what it's like to be human, remembering all the mistakes she made but being bodyless and immortal. Not quite fit for Heaven or Hell or human life for that matter.
    She's not perfect but I think the fact that she made the effort in trying to find the most immoral way of wandering the earth shows she does care. I recylce. Loved that! Besides, she's got a clear goal, you gotta give her that.

  • Ngh, Sam loading the shot gun singlehandedly was pretty cool.

  • THE SEXING WAS SMOKING HOT!!! And it's wrong and it's bad and we shouldn't. Oh and we all know how much more we long for things that are forbidden. I think that's exactly what made that scene even hotter. And kudos to Jared and Genevieve. They have great chemistry and pulled off that fine play of seduction and resistence beautifully here. The way Sam's struggling with himself at first but then giving in with a desperate passion also added so many more layers to the mix, too. Definitely my favorite bed scene of the show so far. And that's four seasons, people ;p

  • And then there's the whole part of naked skin and muscles and the way he just up and lifts the girl on his lap as if she weighed nothing. And the grabbing and touching and the several BACK SHOTS. And that's probably where my mind went blank. Holy cow.

  • That awkward moment between Dean and Ruby afterwards was hilarious. Nobody's acutally saying sorry or you're welcome and looking at it closer they're actually a lot alike when it comes to pride and chick-flick moments.

  • Dean... THE DEAN?! Haha, just give the guy any more of those ego-strokages ^_^

  • Face off with the angels. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

And just for the record, I hate to-be-continue's. I really do.

Is it Thursday yet?
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