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20 November 2006 @ 12:01 am
I have a few bunch of recs to share today.

Recently, I watched this documentary film called Český Sen (Czech Dream), “an original, cheeky treatise on capitalism. With more than a whiff of exploitation, Český Sen follows two film students who used a state grant to promote the opening of an entirely fictitious big-box mega-market in a Prague field. The resulting scandal, alternately hilarious and discomfiting, illuminates the waking nightmare of consumerism in a country still adjusting to the strengths and pitfalls of the concept." (Eddie Cockrell, Variety July 12, 2004)

A film as cunning and criticising as satirical and hilarious, at times even painful to watch and bittersweet (especially with respect to the countrie’s history) – a mix that’s not easy to make work and I’ve only seen being successfully come off with in documentaries by Michael Moore so far.
Wanna know how to really con the mob? Don’t go watch it! Don’t spend money! Don’t buy!

Then there’s the new NBC show HEROES. I finally caught up on the first eight episodes of this awesome “epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

As a total eclipse casts its shadow across the globe, a genetics professor in India is led by father's disappearance to uncover a secret theory -- there are people with super powers living among us. A young dreamer tries to convince his politician brother that he can fly. A high school cheerleader learns that she is totally indestructible. A Las Vegas stripper, struggling to make ends meet to support her young son, discovers that her mirror image has a secret. A fugitive from justice continues to baffle authorities who twice have been unable to contain him. A gifted artist, whose drug addiction is destroying his life and relationship with his girlfriend, can paint the future. A down-on-his-luck Los Angeles beat cop can hear people's thoughts, which puts him on the trail of an elusive serial killer. In Japan, a young man develops a way to stop time through sheer will power. Their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world…” (source)

It’s been almost a year now since I’ve been swept off my feet by a TV show from the Pilot on, making me anxiously awaiting new episodes weekly, and I’m thrilled. Admittedly, the idea behind the story isn’t something never seen before, yet the way it’s presented, the range of characters along with the cinematography is worth giving it a chance. And just as the characters discover themselves, their purpose, the viewer is left in the dark with more than enough to make one craving for more.

And while I’m at it, a few random Supernatural recs.

Fanfiction (Gen/Het)

Don't Look Back by eloise_bright
Post Devil’s Trap ficlet. He wants to lie; wants to keep them both with him, but he knows it’s time to let go.
Complete - One-shot - PG 13- Words: 700 - Published: 5-26-06

Do Nothing for the Dead by ladyjaida
Sam dreams in shades of other people’s danger, so why the fuck couldn’t he have dreamed in shades of his own?
Complete - One-Shot - R - Words: 8700+ - Published: 6-1-06

Once You Are Real by mrscutedean
Their worst nightmares become a reality...and the fight to become real has just begun.
Complete – One-Shot - R - Words: 4249 - Published: 9-25-06

Dealing with Life (the Winchester way) by clex_monkie89
Post In My Time Of Dying. Sam and Dean deal in their own way.
Complete - One-Shot - G - Words: 728 - Published: 10-3-06

Cracked Perfecting Images by sparkofire
On the one year anniversary of Dean’s disappearance, Sam got really drunk and broke his bedroom window with a shotgun full of rock salt when John Winchester tried to climb through it.
Complete - Chapters: 11 - PG13 - Words: 34597 - Completed: 7-31-06 - Published: 7-9-06

Crossroad Dirt by killabeez
Post-Devil's Trap AU, in which the price Sam must pay for his gifts comes due.
Complete - One-Shot - PG13 - Words: 26658 - Published: 9-20-06

On A Steel Horse by apocalypsos
This story doesn't end the way you think it does.
Complete - One-Shot - PG13 - Words: 1056 - Published: 5-7-06

Five Times Sam and Dean Shared a Bed by iamstealthyone
A look at Sam and Dean through the years.
Complete - One-shot - PG13 - Words: 4405 - Published: 5-29-06

Lost, behind by thete1
I’m Bugs fucking Bunny. And you—you are Elmer Fudd. Only not.
Complete - One-Shot - PG13 - Words: 8460 - Published: 2-24-06

The Cost of the Living by faye_dartmouth
The day Dean was born; John put 100 dollars into a savings account.
Complete - One-shot - PG13 - Words: 1833 - Published: 4-23-06

A whole bunch of times when Sam Winchester couldn’t breathe by missyjack
A character study of Sam that stems from the fact that he always ends up being choked on the show. A well-balanced mix of angst, humor and canon.
Complete - One-shot - PG13 - Words: 1319 - Published: 8-12-06

Entity by Carikube
Dean looked across the hood, suddenly aware that Sam had not moved, had not made any effort to get into the car. Even before he saw his kid brother’s face, Dean knew something was wrong.
Complete - Chapters: 21 - R - Words: 118090 - Completed: 10-19-06 - Published: 6-18-06

Fanfiction (Sam/Jess)

Time will say nothing but I told you so by coffee_in_bed
Sam’s dreams about Jess dying before it happened. So many questions he never thought of until he was stumbling - not walking, not yet - in his father's shoes. And now that Dad's left too, it feels both too soon and too late to ask.
Complete - One-Shot - R - Words: 1259 - Published: 3-22-06

Sometimes You Hear the Bullet by surrexi
After all, it’s only a nightmare.
Complete - One-Shot - G - Words: 1008 - Published: 6-18-06

A Beginning, A Middle, and An End by kali_sama
Three consecutive drabble/ficlets-300, 200 and 200 words respectively, about Sam and Jessica’s relationship.
Complete - One-Shot - PG13 - Words: 700 - Published: 5-2-06


Jared hand porn picspam by tsuki_no_bara
Supernatural HandPorn Picspam
Brothers Eye to Eye Picspam
Tongue Picspam Dean and Sam all three by justfreefallin @ extreme_graphix (she always also has the sweetest episodic picspams, so take a look)

Icons (Supernatural)

Icons by lalla32
Icons by nihil_est
Icons by i13694
Icons by obaona
Icons by ibejeska
Icons by oxoniensis


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Lissie: HAPPY!!!ilovesn on November 20th, 2006 01:46 am (UTC)
Oh babes. you are just WAY too cute.

I love you babes


How many times have i told you that?

Like a million bazilion times

ヴェレーナ: spoonongiara on November 20th, 2006 10:37 am (UTC)
Hee *glomps at you* Love you too, sweetie. And that icon reminds me that I need to make some new icons *speeds off to do just that*
Lissie: HAPPY!!!ilovesn on November 20th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
YAY! Icons RULE!!!!

Well, Your Icons do *kisses*

I love you bunches and stuff


valkrys: SPN Dean happy drinkvalkrys on November 20th, 2006 08:40 am (UTC)
Ah, fic, fic, fic! *gets excited* :-) I have this idea stuck in my head for a story, but I haven't had the guts to start writing yet *sigh*

That movie sounds interesting and Prague is such a lovely city, will see if I get a chance to watch, thanks for the recs!!

ヴェレーナ: Dean coffee ♥ongiara on November 20th, 2006 10:46 am (UTC)
I have this idea stuck in my head for a story, but I haven't had the guts to start writing yet
Then get started like NOW. I'm sure you have something awesome brewing in that head of yours, and I bet once you start writing it'll just take on a life of its own and it's done in no time. So, start typing :D

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to visit Prague yet, but it's on my travel list ;) Well, hope you get to see the film.
Cami: SPN ~ Padaleckiilovemybaby on November 20th, 2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
Miss you baby. ♥
ヴェレーナ: sd blendingongiara on November 21st, 2006 06:20 am (UTC)
Miss you TOO. Looks like real life is eating both our time at the moment.
*glomps at you*
iamstealthyoneiamstealthyone on November 21st, 2006 04:22 am (UTC)
Just wanted to say thanks for rec'ing my "Five Times Sam and Dean Shared a Bed" story. :) :) :)
ヴェレーナ: John 2x01ongiara on November 21st, 2006 06:25 am (UTC)
Hee, it's a great story! If I had known that you have an LJ, I would have linked to the story there. Ah well, edited to your username in the post at least now :)
iamstealthyoneiamstealthyone on November 21st, 2006 02:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks for updating the username. If you wanted to update the link, here's the link:

Five Times Sam and Dean Shared a Bed
ヴェレーナ: Sam 2.03 shadowed eyesongiara on November 21st, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)
Edited, thanks, I'd take LJ over ff.net any day of the week, it's just more personal and better to categorize than the huge list of favorites ff.net allows.
iamstealthyoneiamstealthyone on November 21st, 2006 03:27 pm (UTC)
I'd take LJ over ff.net any day of the week, it's just more personal and better to categorize than the huge list of favorites ff.net allows.

While I post at both places, I far prefer LJ, largely for the reason you stated: It's more personal. The interaction here is much better. You get to know the writers and readers better here. :)
iconic813iconic813 on November 30th, 2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
Those are uber cool links!!! Thanks!!! ^-^
ヴェレーナ: low sodium freaksongiara on December 1st, 2006 10:52 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, I hope you found some good readings and stuff in there :)