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Supernatural 5x01

Ah, two demon busting brothers, a shiny black classic car and ugly motel rooms. I really missed it.

    We're talking four hoursemen, red oceans, fiery skies... the greatest hits.

  • We're in for some good stuff this season if the tone this episode set is anything to go by. I really like where they're going mythology-wise. Why end the world with a bang if there's slower, quieter and more torturous ways to do it leaving mankind in the dark about the approaching apocalypse. It's certainly going to up the angst a few notches. And there can never be enough angst when it comes to Supernatural.

  • But do you know my crime? I loved God too much and he betrayed me for it.

    I see uncanny parallels towards Sam's betrayal of Dean's trust. And I hate to follow up on this thought.

    As for Lucifer? They and their vessel have my sympathy alright. They just know how to blur the lines between good and evil to the point where one's in no place to judge. Though I do like the idea that it's the most primitive and human feelings that cause the angels to fall. Love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge. They really aren't all that different.

  • The archangel smote the crap out of him.

    Castiel, kicking ass and taking names. I like. His character's really grown on me the last few episodes. Similar to Anna and Lucifer, he seems to have severed his ties to the man upstairs. Almost like he's figured out that it's all shades of gray and that you can't win being on either sides of the extreme. And while I'm glad that he appears to have found his calling in supporting Sam and Dean on their quest, I can't help but think that Cas has made some dark deals of his own in exchange for his return. I'm intrigued and I hope they feed us some more chunks of information soon.

  • I deserve a damn medal for this.

    Yes, he does. Possessed!Bobby was a fine bonus and how he managed to reclaim his body when about to kill Dean proved just how much of a (surrogate) father the guy is to those boys. His being there adds so much to the dynamic of the show and I dearly hope we see loads of Bobby this season. And maybe he could even be the key to help bring those brothers back together again.

    Speaking of fathers. John was even more of a sneaky bastard than I thought. Makes me wonder just how much more the man knew and how hard he must have tried to keep his boys sheltered from it. In the light of recent events - Sam almost going dark side; Dean posing Michael's vessel - being raised a hunter seems so lucky.

  • I don't think that we can ever be what we were.

    *wibbles* There's been several moments between the brothers this episode that broke me, but that one did me in - a constant alternation between love and hate. I'd like to hate Sam for letting his brother down like he did but I can't. I'd like to hate Dean for hurting Sam by pushing him away from him but I can't. I see where both of them are coming from. But I also see where this will lead them. If they can't forgive and forget, if they can't find common ground, one of them is going to do something stupid and this mess'll start all over again. History repeating itself.

    I think one of the hardest things to watch was Dean's broken trust. It was the impassiveness with which he stood by listening to Bobby cutting Sam deep with words, seemingly without any objections. Like maybe that's what he'd also do if Sam wasn't family. Like Dean doesn't care anymore. Unable to feel. Unable to open anything up of himself again so Sam can try to prove himself to his big brother again. And I'd like to throttle Dean and yell at him and try to make him care for his little brother again, but that's also when I notice how broken Dean is. Like this empty shell with nothing to strive for, or live for. And that's the hardes part. It's like they've stripped the show if its own basis. And I'm as excited as I'm scared to watch them find their common ground again. Until then, here's to much angst.

  • You got my letters. And my marzipan.

    Webmistress at morethanbrothers.net? I was laughing tears, you guys. I ♥ it when they poke fun at fandom. And all the more when it doesn't disrupt the story and I'm sort of picky when it comes to that. But seriously, this one was all kinds of awesome. The slash fanfiction, the excited quirkyness, the touching and the fact that they made her a Sam girl. Priceless. Ah, the joys of overdone clichés.

  • It's been a really stressful day.

    While I think they did good at trying to fastly wrap up some loose strings from last season, I found the way they cut straight to that scene in the airplane a bit weak. Almost like they didn't really know how to go from there to here. It goes right along with Sam being cured of his demon blood addiction. It feels like the easy way out. And I really do hope we'll get a better story connected to that teleportation some time further on. Just as I hope that there will be at least some side effects for Sam. Reason might be that I enjoy tortured Sam way too much, but I think it would also help him in providing him with some kind of punishment. But then, having lost his brother's faith in him ought to be enough punishment to last him a lifetime.

  • Well, I'm thrilled for this season if you couldn't tell by now. Go and give 'em Hell. Is it Thursday yet?

Tired and heading to bed now. Will read up on your posts tomorrow. Good night, guys.
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  • 60 multifandom icons

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