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19 May 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Ben Howard live @ Underground, Cologne  
It's always fun to see artists in the making; see them grow into and find their own music. Where there's still time for goofing around on stage and the occasional sip of Jack Daniels out of a tea cup in between sets. Very intimate, fun atmosphere. Perfect sized location, too.

First time I saw Ben Howard perform with a band as well. They worked well together and delivered a great longer version of Keep Your Head Up as well as the potential title song of their upcoming album Old Pine. However, I did miss the simplicity and rawness of reverb of a solo acoustic version of some of the older songs, like Empty Corridors. There's just something about that song that the added intruments took away from. But that's just me ;P

Anyway, fun show. Congrats to Ben on his first headline tour and here's hoping to see you back in Cologne again soon.

Have some pics. And I'm afraid it's of Ben only as I didn't get a clear shot in of the other two band members.

Broken Social Scene concert tonight. Woot.