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picked up in duty free

a tale that's rather grim and gory

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linguist. 30-something. german. procrastinator. minimalist. soft-teethed lone wolf. globetrotter. wannabe photographer. cynic. angst whore. bookworm. icon maker. tea addict. passionate. laid-back.

white collar. criminal minds. lost girl. sons of anarchy. supernatural. teen wolf. american horror story. the big bang theory. smallville. game of thrones. the walking dead. secret diary of a call girl. stargate: atlantis. californication. la femme nikita. the x-files. highlander. dark angel. roswell.

team dyson. team kenzi. sam girl. sucker for h/c. dark!fic lover. has soft spot for post-apocalyptic settings. fashion. emo!hair. nerdy quotes. loves a good hat.

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, aidan turner, alexei yagudin, alphas, alternative, ambient, american horror story, andrew bird, angel, animes, arrow, asian horror movies, bat for lashes, beauty and the beast, ben howard, bike messengers, biking, bl, blues, bones, brendan fehr, bright red paper, buffy, californication, catherine anderson, channing tatum, chinese food, city and colour, coldplay, common law, copper, craig horner, criminal minds, dallas green, dark angel, david garrett, david gray, dean winchester, dreiräder, eddie vedder, emo!sam, eric bana, fabric softener teddy bears, fanfiction, figure skating, fink, fluffy steering wheel covers, folk, friday night lights, fringe, game of thrones, graphic design, great lake swimmers, h/c, headphones, hell on wheels, highlander, hunted, ice skating, icons, indie, indie films, into the wild, iris, jared padalecki, jason momoa, jay ryan, jensen ackles, jim beaver, jim byrnes, john winchester, joseph arthur, junjou romantica, justin timberlake, kashmir, la femme nikita, languages, lara adrian, laura marling, legend of the seeker, limp!sam, linguistics, lost girl, mads langer, mangas, mario barth, matt bomer, matthew good band, matthew gray gubler, merlin, mocha beans, moonlight, neverending white lights, one tree hill, outlander, patrick park, peta wilson, phonetics, photography, post-its, prison break, protective!dean, psych, psychic!sam, psychology, rachel gibson, requiem for the phantom, road tripping, robyn carr, rock, roisin murphy, ronon dex, roswell, sam heughan, sam winchester, sam/jess, scotland, sea wolf, secret diary, sherlock, shounen-ai, shuffle function, smallville, sons of anarchy, starbucks, steven r. mcqueen, supernatural, susan elizabeth phillips, team dyson, teen wolf, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, the big bang theory, the fray, the heavy, the raconteurs, the simpsons, the walking dead, the x-files, togainu no chi, tom welling, traveling, travis, true blood, tyler posey, vampire knight, wanderlust, white collar, yaoi, Алексей Ягудин, 純情ロマンチカ